IT & Me

Have computers and the internet become a part of us? In the sense that whenever we are bored the first thing we do is open up our phones or our computers, whenever a significant  event happens we learn it from the internet, and whenever we are sad or depressed we look for a place of solace in the form of our computers connected to the nearest source of internet.

I think upon this question as I near upon my fifth hour staring at my computer, but as soon as the question had popped into my head. It had disappeared just as fast as I heard that all too familiar ping that had originated from the tab labelled “Facebook”. And so I clicked upon it, refreshed the page.And saw that a friend of mine had just tagged me in a video about a kid who was telling some passersby about how his dog was raised in Mindanao, about how it had bitten ten people in the head and killed them, and about his affiliation from a group called “Dyes Kantos”. And I finished watching that video, all 3 minutes of it, time which I could have used for starting on some of my overdue assignments. But instead I used it to watch a video about a child who apparently a rehabilitating drug addict undergoing some sort of withdrawal.And this realization soon escapes me, as another video had just popped into my feed about a man who is apparently named as “Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem Ossas”, and after that another dozen more. Until I realized that sunshine was quickly fading for 3 hours had just passed, and my stomach was beginning to grumble. And just like on queue my mother had announced that it was time for dinner.

So my answer would be yes, just before it escaped me yet again.